Shampoo & Ultra Wax
Shampoo & Ultra Wax
Shampoo & Ultra Wax

Power Maxed

Shampoo & Ultra Wax

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    • Getting 'hands on' and cleaning your car

    • HGV shampoo

    • Van shampoo

    • Car shampoo

    • Washing and waxing

    • Getting the best results from your wash

Power Maxed Shampoo & Ultra Wax is a vehicle shampoo for removing stubborn contaminants which aren't already removed by a touch-less wash. This is the bit where you get hands on, caressing your vehicle with the best value shampoo and wax, meaning you can thoroughly clean and wax your car too, with minimal effort.

Shampoo & Ultra Wax contains foam boosters and strong detergents to easily lift dirt away from the surface of the vehicle, meaning minimal scrubbing is required, which means happier paintwork. The foam keeps any lifted contaminants suspended away from the paintwork ready to harmlessly be rinsed away. It also contains Carnauba wax which it leaves behind as a protective residue, leaving your vehicle looking glossy and the paintwork protected against contaminants such as water spots and bug splats. This also aids rinsing. Used at the recommended dilution rate, the vehicle will be finished completely streak-free.