Green Stuff Remover
Green Stuff Remover
Green Stuff Remover

Power Maxed

Green Stuff Remover

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    • Algae removal

    • Caravan washing and waxing

    • Truck washing and waxing

    • HGV washing and waxing

    • Black streak removal

    • Body shop friendly - non-caustic and silicone-free

Power Maxed Green Stuff Remover (formerly Caravan Wash & Wax) is a shampoo for caravans, trucks, HGVs and any other vehicles or objects which accumulate algae.

Green Stuff Remover contains foam boosters and detergents to effortlessly remove grime, oil and dirt alongside algaecides which kill and remove moss and algae. The algaecide remains on the surface to prevent or slow the regrowth of further types of algae. This product is simple and effortless to use, and leaves a layer of Carnauba wax to aid rinsing and protect the surface against other contaminants too.