Arrived at Paris with no drama.

The Doug’s Defender performed well on its penultimate Autoroute thrash. Much anticipation from the younger crew members at the prospect of seeing the famed sites of this sophisticated, cultural and gastronomic feast of delights.

Paris never fails to deliver as far as I’m concerned; albeit a bit on the busy side at this time of year. (One other slight blot on its copy book I’ll cover off later).
The campsite, Camping De Paris, was well positioned to make access to the city a doddle also had very good newish facilities (although it required at least another block the same size to cope with the through traffic), friendly and helpful English speaking staff and a well stocked onsite store. (A bit on the noisy side given its proximity to the centre of the city and the French penchant for the use of mopeds as a mode of transport all through the night). The blot on it’s copy book: the lady crew members had various unmentionable items stolen from their bags inside the tent; quite offended that clearly my smalls were not to their pleasing...!

A final meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all to say farewell to our continental friends at the Vrai Paris in the Montmartre area; a very fine way to round off the Doug’s annual summer adventure.

Only the final blast Home remains.....

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