The Doug’s Defender has largely enjoyed some time out over the last few days; time to take centre stage again.

600 Miles to cover from Cannes to Paris. The route chosen being the well known Route Napoleon. The route features in the top 10 best roads to drive; I’m not going to argue with that, my second time and still found it an inspiring journey.

Route Napoleon winds over the Alps across green rolling Alpine vistas below the tree line up to awe inspiring rocky crags above the trees. The route seems to start just north of Grasse and continues up to Digne Les Bains. From here the D900 & D900B through to Gap is just as pleasurable taking in Lac De Perre-Soncon.

Great drive, the Doug’s Defender being an excellent platform to add numerous auxiliary power sockets, through a second auxiliary fuse box, around the vehicle enabling the crew on board, whatever the age, to while away all this beautiful scenery watching Netflix and YouTube on every form of digital gadget known to man.

Overnight stay in Gap, in a hotel; shock horror you adventure hungry types cry... too bad, a meal cooked for the crew and good nights sleep was just the j.o.b For only the second time on the trip we had to feed the Doug’s Defender with a bit more exorbitantly priced engine oil before pressing on, largely on the Autoroutes up to Paris, hour after hour of mile munching, signature Defender drone inducing a trance like state resignation to our lot.

Next instalment; Paris, the grand finale

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