The coast from Northern Italy to Southern France is pleasant enough (followed the coast road not the motorway for the most part). Not so interesting as entertaining in parts, the route lined with an endless stream of beach equipment stores selling every kind of inflatable vessel a kid could wish for from slices of pizza to Pink flamingos.

Arrival at Monaco quickly showed the place to be basically grid locked. Earlier research suggested there to be no street parking but plenty of cost effective multi story parking available. With further reconnaissance it was established that the car parks were designed for nothing taller than a Bugatti Veyron or a Lamborghini Aventador, not a hope for a Defender wearing a Bearmach full length roof rack, two inflatable canoes and a paddle board attached to the roof (2.3m); on to Cannes to set up camp with a revisit planned by train.

With the hopes of a photo of the Doug’s Defender in front of the Casino or better still the F1 starting grid dashed we returned on foot; great fun to see such a level of luxury all concentrated in such a small area. (Car & wrist watch nut’s dream). The beach and culinary offer in Cannes is excellent (albeit pricey!)

Onwards and upwards from here; homeward bound ish

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