So, Cervo turns out to be an excellent place for some R&R. Tricky finding a place to stay at first; highly recommend Camping Del Mare though. Good facilities all round and a private beach :beach_with_umbrella: what’s not to like?

Cervo now has a place on the must visit again and have a proper look around list. Beautiful hill top town, typical ancient Italian architecture and some affiliation with George and the Dragon; must explore this more... (Ed’s note to chief; two wheels next time?) Defender doesn’t feature too much; it’s resting too.

Worth mentioning a bit of kit that has transformed traveling in the Doug’s Defender over the years: Weaco Mains/12v fridge. Low amp draw makes for a reliable source of chilled nectar enhancing the all important R&R process. In Europe almost all sites come with electric hook up, (normally scoffed at by us adventure camping types who love off grid), but in 30 degree plus heat day time and 25 degrees through the night is likely to challenge the best leisure battery system while standing for 3 days. (Warm milk on my Shreddies sounds like a travesty!) The Doug’s Defender uses an Exide Dual Marine Leisure battery hooked up to a solid state split charge system for simplicity; works an absolute treat while we’re moving or using the Defender daily.

Might well consider installing a solar charging system after this summer, that’s properly off grid.

I promised an update on Monaco; next instalment to come.

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