With over 40 years of service, dedicated to 4 Wheel Drive and Land Rover, we offer a one stop centre for all servicing and mechanical repairs. Constant reinvestment in our business ensures that we stand out from all other independents, allowing us to offer the same high level service as main dealers, but at a much more competitive rate. Our experienced trained technicians and administrative staff guarantee a personalised service that cannot be surpassed anywhere in the motor industry.

Years of experience enable our trained technicians to undertake all jobs from replacing brake components to major engine transplants. No matter what service your vehicle requires, Douglass Motors have you covered, not forgetting that all our work carried out is to manufacturer service schedules. If you are not sure, feel free to ask one of our team of specialists.

From simple oil changes to more complicated repairs, all of your Vehicle service needs can be handled by Douglass Motors. 

When you bring your car, van or 4x4 into one of our service centres, our goal is to make sure you leave with the confidence of knowing your vehicle service and repairs have been handled by experts at an affordable cost. 

Our technicians will perform a Vehicle Health Check (VHC) and record your car information at every service and visit to us, so we can alert you to any maintenance and repair issues that may need addressing. Our technicians are also certified to perform Air conditioning services on your vehicle too.

We mainly specialize in 4 Wheel Drive and Land Rovers but are equipped and experienced in carrying out repair and maintenance work across all vehicle makes and models. If you would like anymore information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Convenience is key at Douglass Motors. We offer competitively priced tyres and an in house fitting service. We can also arrange 4 wheel alignment, that will protect your tyres from unnecessary wear.

Wheel alignment on any vehicle is important. When the wheels of a car or truck are properly aligned with each other, it maximises the running efficiency and reduces wear and tear. If, for example, you notice that one or more of the wheels on your car are wearing unevenly, with one side of the tread showing much more wear than the other, this usually means that the wheel alignment is out and it is necessary to realign the wheels.

You may be wondering how you can know if your car wheels are out of alignment? It's actually quite easy to tell when the wheel alignment is out as you may feel the car pulling to the left or right, and when you let go of the steering wheel when driving on a flat, smooth surface, the car will drift to the left or right, rather than drive straight ahead. You should also be able to see uneven tyre wear, usually most noticeable on the front tyres, but sometimes seen on the rear tyres as well.

If you are unsure about tracking and alignment, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Use our in house Class 4 MOT testing facility at the same time as enjoying our comfortable reception that offers free Wi-Fi and complimentary hot drinks.

You can book quickly and easily with just one call to our service team. Our one man automated lanes, which are checked and configured regularly will test your vehicle accurately and within the current set guidelines.

We have 3 approved test centres and all of our MOT facilities are in-house. Our experienced MOT Testers will carry out your test efficiently ensuring your road safety.

We subscribe to all the latest Land Rover software updates, diagnostic equipment and cutting edge technology. We also use Autologic for vehicles when required.

Our professionally trained technicians are constantly educated and updated on the latest in technology and diagnostics to ensure your vehicle is in the best possible care.